Aug. 2011
Workshop section added.

Feb. 2011
Book project started: Nature photography for geeks.

Jan. 2010
New portfolio in download section added.

Jun. 2009
Beaver image on Hessenjäger cover.

Jan. 2009
Grey seals from Heligoland again. Have a look at the new pdf file.

Dec. 2008
Get the 2009 Nature Photography calendar for free. pdf A3 size

Nov. 2008
Polarnight pictures can be found here

Okt. 2008
Info Flyer for Nikon School workshop Grey Seal pups - Nikon School Workshop Kegelrobben 2009 pdf

Sept. 2008
Wedel Schulauer Tageblatt: First sighting of a Wasp spider Argiope bruennichi in Wedel

Aug. 2008
NATURFOTO 8/08: Test of PC-E 24mm Nikkor

Jul. 2008
Aerial Photography: Estimating seal population density